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My name is Dina Frid. Welcome to my virtual Gallery. Through my art,  on this site I hope to convey  my beloved world to you.


My virtual art gallery consists of original, fine art oil paintings, drawings and pastel artwork produced by myself. The style of my artwork is based on Russian classical art school.


In my virtual gallery you can also see mosaic, embroidery and many other samples of hand-work sometimes made for my children. A lot of "unnecessary" things await their hour in my studio at the rear of our house.

I was highly affected by the "Crazy mosaic" book that inspired me to try the technique several years ago. I quickly understood that the idea of mosaic picture is naturally born from spirit of the things used. I usually employ colored ceramic tiles for my mosaic work.


Although tile breaking is not a simple procedure,  the created mosaic picture is often an amazing sight. Such a creation could not be made by any movement of pencil or brush.  I have been working with mosaic for many different applications such as walls, vases, panels, mirrors, plates, etc.


The creations in this website are a brief selection of my works since the start of my art career several years ago. Please take your time and enjoy your visit.



Dina Frid               


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